Welcome to the Still Life Gallery

I have added a few samples of my still life photography.

To me Still Life is not just about capturing flowers and simple objects. It is more about capturing something a little different. Many of my photographs that are shown in different galleries actually fall under the Still Life category. However, these stand out because they are a little different that my average shots.

Glass Teapots

I like this shot because it is a difficult shot to take, it could not be taken using a flash; otherwise, the flash reflects in the teapots. All of the "Teapot" shots were taken in the Tea Station in Las Vegas on Spring Mountain Road.

Teapots on a Black Base

I like this shot, because it shows what can be done using only the available lighting.

Teapots on a Wood Base

I know the white balance is off on this shot. However, I still like this shot. It was the first shot I did of the “Teapots” and I like how it has a woody coloring of the photo.

Knot My Tree

I was with some friends at Red Rock National Park. I was watching how Wroderick was taking photos of a less touristy quality. So to emulate him I started expanding my eye to different things. This is one of those shots.

Butt and a Pole

This is one of those shots that just caught my eye. I actually put my camera on the ground and after three different shots, I finely got this shot. It reminded me of my days in the Army doing police call.

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