Welcome to the LVH (formerly the Las Vegas Hilton) Gallery

On February 12, 2012 I went with a friend of mine Isis Magick to go check out the lighting board at the Las Vegas Hilton. It was a very interesting show, more because I could not understand the show. It was a Spanish Comedy act. I had my camera with me, so I was taking pictures. Some of the pictures I took were taken outside of the showroom. I was just getting a look and feel for the area. We got a tour of the stage and were shown the Elvis Presley Dressing Room. Most of it is the same as it was when Elvis was performing at the Intercontinental Hotel, including a bed in the bathroom. The shots of the performers were taken with a 300 Zoom lens at about 75 to 100 feet and no flash. We were not allowed to use flash with the cameras.

I hope you enjoy the shots.

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