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This is where you will find links to sites and or political rants.

Here are a few other web pages that I have designed using Microsoft FrontPage©.All of these pages were developed for my hobbies. The last two of the websites listed are themed websites for roleplaying games I was running as the Game Master. I keep the websites because they represent a fully themed website. They are not updated, they have been not changed from the last time I worked with them. I will eventually start working with “Nobody Home” again when I have decided on a new theme for the website, or when I want to get experience working with a new website development tool.

Nobody Home
This is my current hobby site. It lists the characters that I played in varies role-playing games, and my hobby with RC cars and trucks.

New Night - Night of the Living Dead
This was the second iteration of a game I had started. It was a vampire hunt game based in an alternate reality of current modern day Harlem, NY. This game ran for more than a year. It reached a turning point in the game and people did not want to continue because of my Game Master Style.

Night of the Living Dead
This was a game based off the Nightbane© Role Playing game by Palladium Books. The game died off when players started leaving the Palladium style role playing games as been too unrealistic.


The links in this section contain websites that have more on an interest to people developing their web pages or websites. As I find more websites that I like, this section will continue to expand.

Here is the world Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Page Validator.

Here is a website that I was recently introduced to. It is HTMLGoodies.com.You will find a lot of information and tutorials that assist in learning how to design web peges and websites. From what I have been reading on this website, the information is very straight forward and doesn't seem to expect the reader to have any more knowledge that what is presented.

Political Rants and Opinions

I have decided to add a political rant.

I am a registered Democrat, now just because I am a Democrat does not mean I am blind to what is happening and completely agree with the Democratic Party. I do not support President Obama, Senator Dianne Feinstein, Mayor Bloomburg or any other politician that is an Anti-Constitutionalist. These three listed above have shown that they do not care for the individual rights of Americans. They would rather pass laws that erode your rights as outlined in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

It is time we all woke up and took a good look around. Our rights are being taken away from us. They are being taken away because WE as Americans have let the Government take them from us. It s time WE as Americans stood up and demanded that our rights be put back into place. We need to WAKE UP. We need to show our displeasure in the current administration and VOTE them out of office.

If you do not vote, YOU are the problem.

If you want me to post code or links in this section please contace me. Any code that I post must pass the W3C Validator.

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Still Life Dec 14, 2011 Photographs of opjects
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Red Rock Dec 14, 2011 Photographs from around Red Rock Canyon
Age of Chivalry - Renaissance Festival Dec 14, 2011 Photographs of the Age of Chivalry - Renaissance Festival
San Diego Dec 14, 2011 Photographs from San Diego
Rocky Horror Picture Show Dec 14, 2011 Photographs from RHPS FFO cast

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