Welcome to the Creative Gallery

In this gallery you will find photos that have been creatively modified.

I have used a few different programs or iPad Apps to change the overall look of the photograph. With most of my photographs, I leave them in the raw format. However, I have taken an artistic approach to these photographs.


This is a photograph of my friend Shannon. It was the first photograph that I edited using the “My Sketch” app on my iPad©.

O'Shea's Casino

This is a night shot of O’Shea’s Casino. I changed to black and white, with Photoshop©.

The Duck

This is a picture of the fountains outside of Caesar’s Palace. I saw this duck sitting there. When I looked at the original picture, I decided it needed a little color. So I masked out part of the picture in Photoshop© and added color.

The Face

This picture is a little different. I was playing with the picture and I noticed the face on the statue. This statue was in the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace. I chanced the colors and enhanced the face with Photoshop©.


This is the motorcycle at the Harley Davidson Café on the Strip. I changed it using Photoshop©.

Here are some pictures I took of some fire dancers on First Friday in October 2012. I had the pleasure of meeting three of the fire dancers when I was at iHop, the night before. Unfortunately only one of them was there at First Friday. I love how some of the flames came out looking less like fire, and more like water. That is why they are here and not in the Locations Gallery under First Friday.

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